To begin with, Sylvie produced a model of the sculpture on a small scale in order to finalize the general forms of the realization.
For this, a little paper, plasticine, a wooden base and many tests ….
Then, there is more to choose the chosen model!

Then the paper sheet models are copied to the correct scale.




From these templates, the zinc sheets are cut one by one and then formed into the desired final shape.
The base is made of cellular concrete.
Grooves are made in the base to insert the sheets which are then glued with tile glue.




To complete the construction, complementary shapes are made from pieces of cellular concrete, already from an aesthetic point of view, but also to better hold the large sheets and to stiffen them.

All cellular concrete parts are then coated with tile adhesive to harden the surface of the sculpture.
2 layers of resin are then passed to protect the base from the weather.



The sculpture is finished, she will also serve as a model for a realization in very large scale that will be put in the garden.

To be continued…